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Vegetable Diet Achar - Grandmothers Recipe

Vegetable Diet Achar - Grandmothers Recipe

Achar n Diet? Isnt it 2 different things?? But something is yet possible without oil and vinegar. Grandmothers recipes never fail!!!

This recipe comes from my very dear friend Wajiha Faisal again!! We two have a gr8 rapport and talking sometimes goes from kitchen to kids and to dont know what all in the world possible we can talk :) its fun!! its love!! its emotions!! and Im totally in love with my friend.

Previous weeks when I was so much acharic mood I made dates pickle and then it was when wajiha said she would make vegetable achar which is her nani's recipe.

Vegetables Needed
Turnips 4
Carrots 4 (cut round shape
Peas 1 cup
Boil all the veggies for 4 to 5 min drain the extra water and keep aside to cool

Salt 1 tsp
Sugar 2 tsp
Red chilli powder 2 tsp
Crushed red chillies 2 tbsp
Garlic paste 2 tbsp
Yellow Mustard seeds crushed 3 tbsp
Water 3/4cups

Mix boiled veggies with the above ingredients and bottle it up for 3-4 days

Garlic paste will not allow it to spoil
After 4 days you can keep this into fridge and consume 
There is no veniger in this recipe so its completly safe to give these to kids
The sourness which comes to pickle is from yellow mustard seeds
When mustard seeds gives it sourness, sugar can be adjusted according to your taste, add more sugar if you want sweeter side of pickle.

This is how it looks after 4 days ready to eat 
Can be consumed as pickle kept for side dish with rice, Dip with flat breads
Also taken with haleem. This is a family recipe made around few families in pakistan
Before serving mix in all the content of bottle nicely to get all the spices and veggies into the serving bowl!!

Im going to try out my batch soon!! Once I collect all the ingredients. If you got all the ingredients do try out!!!!

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  1. wow this is looking so beautiful great work by jiya :D pass me some pickle gal :P

  2. nice way of preparing vegge achar...yum yum ...

  3. Looks delicious I will give it try. thanks for sharing Aara.

  4. this is a new style achar,looks yumm !

  5. wow... that's interesting... nanima recipes are the best...

  6. I love achar. This recipe is a keeper.

  7. i love this any day:) great recipe:)

  8. It looks absolutely amazing. I simply love the concept of diet achar. Well done.

  9. love d wrd diet in d title..along vth achar...nice recipe.

  10. I love Achar, I love spicy...
    And this looks very unique!!

    Simply amazing!!

  11. Instead of crushed yellow mustard .. can we use mustardpaste??

    1. Hi there thank u for ur quire!! I asked my frnd about this, and she said yellow mustard seeds r widely available everywhere, you can get them, but mustard paste will highly change the taste, as it has some preservatives, & oil, and she is not sure what would be the end result like, So may be as a experiment if u want to try, go ahead other wise pls use yellow mustard seeds crushed only

  12. Very interesting!! dieting with achar! great recipe...

  13. Colourful & delicious achar................must try recipe.


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