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Black Chicken With Buttered Rice

Black Chicken With Buttered Rice

This is an interesting combo I should insist everyone to try at least once!!

Honestly Im a very lazy girl!~! 
I need to be pushed for everything. At times my mom hates when I show too much of my works in the kitchen and take over the whole area. And at times I'am so lazy that i'll be dragging myself to walk towards kitchen, that is moment when she will be telling me 10 times cook something for ur bro, cook something guests are coming cook cook cook hehe. It will look as if the laziest devil inside me is sitting and enjoying the anger of provoking devil inside my mom
I dont know how many will laugh reading this or imagine the same on what we do with our mum's haha this is the kind of strange relationship I share with my mom. 

Such was the time when I took the chance to prepare black chicken which was sitting in my to try recipes folder. It hardly took 10mins to cook wow :P this is such a life saving recipe for those lazy days, which we all face :D 

Recipe Source: Forgotten!! This was spl recipe of authors mom made with chicken drumstick!!

Black Chicken:
Boneless Chicken - 300gms
Soy Sauce - 1 and half tbsp
Vinigar - 1 and half tbsp
Garam Masala - 2tsp
Ginger Garlic paste - 1tbsp
Chilli powder - 1tsp
Salt as required
Oil - 1tsp - 2tsp

- Excluding oil, Marinate all the above listed ingredients for minimum of 30 mins. 
- Heat oil in a pan and add the marinated chicken. Stir cook this for 2 mins in medium high flame. It will start oozing out all its juices.
- Add 1tbsp water and close the lid of the pan. Allow it to cook for 5 mins minimum in low heat.
- Open the lid, increase the flame to high keep stirring till all the masala coats up well with the chicken and extra water dries up. this process is also called bhoonna in hindi which has been clubbed with english and called bhoonifying  This take another 2 mins and you are done!!
- Serve it hot with Hot Rice, Pilaf, Roti, Paratha or just eat it as it is  It is deliciously different!!

- You can make the same using chicken with bones. In that case, prick the chicken pieces using fork before marination, so that all the sauces and spices reaches the inside. 
- Cooking time will also vary for chicken with bones. say extra 5-10 mins than what boneless can take.
- Do not add more oil. I added more oil by mistake and also used non stick pan. It felt fine while cooking but when I dished it out, I found all the excess oil drained downwards. So for sure this can be counted under diet recipe 
- You can also make a saucy black chicken!! Im going to try this next and update soon on how the saucy ones can go like.... 

My Reviews Towards this new dish!!
It was excellent tasted too different!! I was expecting sourness but it turned out to be spicy and flavorful. I was surprised on how nicely the extra oil drained off, which normally does not happen if you know. I took pleasure of polish off few pieces just like that, you can call it addictive if you are craving to have something spicy make this and treat urself!!
If you know my brother is a picky eater he can give 100 reasons for not liking a particular food, When I asked him how how he liked?
he responded "It was good"
I recollected it tasted so much like bhoona chicken of Vahchef. I said my bro you worked hard to make vahchef's bhoona chicken and I did it with just few ingredients and less cooking time too :P
Ok we R gud siblings we do not debate or argue for little things hehe

Buttered Rice:
I used A bowl full of left over rice which was kept in fridge over night.
In a karai/ wok add 1-2 tbsp of salted butter. throw in the rice, little salt and pepper, toss it in medium heat till everything gets mixed nicely. Serve it hot!!

This went too gud with black chicken and both these things can be prepared alternatively consuming time of just 10-15 mins.

What better recipe can one need in their lazy days??? :)

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  1. Wow aara the most attractive part is that these are served with buttered Rice.. secondly its marinated in sauces and cooked in oil, ready in 10 minutes wow dear best to serve for unexpected guests bin bulaaye mahmaan lolx :D

    1. yes monu it is, save this recipe as your savior :D

  2. Nice preparation...u have a nice space here!!

  3. I can relate to what you said abt laziness at times and craziness at times...it was like that b4 my marriage ..now i don't hav option 2 b that lazy..khana ho toh bananaa hi padega :D...first i thought it was chicken made with spinach but it is different ...Gud !

    1. yes dear I understand how much it become mandatory for females to cook :)

  4. Who will say no to this irresistible dish, definitely not me..

  5. very interesting chicken recipe...looks delicious!

  6. oh!really termpting...
    please visit my space if you are getting time www.remyasean.blogspot.in

    1. sure i will visit u, thanks for the invite ::)

  7. sounds new,but looks tempting...:)

  8. Sounds an interesting recipe with just few ingredients!!! Must try sometime!
    Delectable flavours

  9. that name sounds funny... hehe... but the chicken looks absolutely delicious...

    1. hehe rafee yes it does sound funny and also one can imagine anything :P but yes it was too delicious unexpectedly with so less ingredients

  10. Ha ha lol, your relationship with you mum sounds just like my mum and me, to irritate her brings me joy to see her BP go up and then down :)... jokes apart it looks like a good recipe. Will try for sure.

    1. im sure all of us have different kind of relationships hehe :D
      do try and let us know dear :)

  11. When I saw black chicken I had to come and see what u have made this looks really interesting Aara..u shd cook more for ur brother.

    1. meena thank u for visiting my space :) yea I will do that :)


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