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Khari Khajoor Ladoo

Khari Khajoor Ladoo

 This is a very unique and quick ladoo which can be made in short span of time 

Welcoming +Ketaki Ponde Of Paripoorna Paksiddhi Her blog mainly specializes in Maharashtrian cuisine. Some of her recipes are too different. I usual I was in search of some recipe and landed to her blog just like that and got hooked to her recipe of quick kharwas!! I went through most of her recipes which are simple and gud to venture at, And today here she is with presenting her own gud recipe of this wonderful ladoo.

Lets see what Ketaki ji has to share with us. She is humorous when I called her Ketaki Ji this is what she had to reply me " Ketaki please drop the  ji.... it reminds me of my age..... hahaha..." :D

My name is Ketaki Ponde and I blog on
I am a Hotel Management professional and have been working as a Professor in Hotel management institutes for the past 15 years.
This blog started in June 2012 loosely on a cookery book Paripoorna Paksiddhi which is authored by my maternal grandmother where in recipes from it would be posted. Along with it a major chunk of my recipes would also get posted.
The book is a tome regarding Maharashtrian food, especially Koknastha Brahmin recipes which are very simplistic and healthy.
Today the recipe I would like to share with you is Khari Khajoor Ladoo......hoping all the readers would enjoy reading through and making it as much as I enjoyed.....

Khari biscuits
10 nos
Khajoor / wet dates
15 nos
Ghee / clarified butter
1 – 1 ½ tbsp
Powdered sugar
½ cup
Badam / Almonds roughly chopped                        
5 – 6 nos
Kaju / Cashewnuts roughly chopped
5 – 6 nos
Elaichi pdr / cardamom pdr
½ tsp

1.       Deseed the dates and mince them. You can also make a coarse paste. The idea is that the stickiness if the dates helps the whole thing to hold together.

2.       Pass the khari biscuits through a blender to form fine powder.

3.       Heat ghee, add the almonds and Cashewnuts. Lightly toast the till they get a light brown colour. Remove them and keep aside.

4.       In the same ghee lightly toast half of the dates, remove.

5.       In a bowl mix all the ingredients together, add in a little more ghee if desired and shape them into laddoos.

6.       In case the laddoos do not hold shape then add in a little more minced dates.

7.       Store in an airtight jar.

Thank you ketaki ji for your guest post and your time devoted!!

If you are interested in Maharastrian cuisines please do visit her space and enjoy browsing in :)

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  1. Thnx a ton Aara for letting me post my recipe onto your was a wonderful experience associating with you and it looks just perfect on your blog.....hoping for such many more associations.....ta....luv Ketaki

  2. Anything with dates is always welcome....Love those ladoos...wish I could have one now

  3. this sounds really interesting... so yum...

  4. I love this easy version of ladoos. Its much loved also because of my weakness for Indian sweets.

  5. such a lovely post aara.. shall try it sometime i am a big fan of khajoor :)

  6. love this easy delicious ladoos. something new.

  7. Lovely guest post.. The Ladoos look healthy and delicious..

  8. looks beautifully done..yummy guest post !!!

  9. Nice to know about Keaki ji..oops i mean Ketaki ;D...sounds like a healthy ladoo and really quick to make....Qn:how long can these ladoos be stored in an air-tyt jar ?...

    1. You can store them for a week @ Manjusha ....since there is not much moisture they can stay for long.....but try keeping them....they are going to vanish in no time

  10. looking super good and yummy!!

  11. Sounds very healthy and healthy ladoos !!

  12. Looks delicious and also healthy laddu.

  13. Would love to gobble some rite now,soo delicious and healthy.


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