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Frozen Sweetcorn Kernels At Home

Frozen Sweetcorn Kernels At Home

If you are a sweetcorn lover like me and like to use sweetcorn in your dishes anytime and every time possible then this post is for you!!

This is something which I started practicing from last year! You can do this kind of freezing for peas or any seasonal veggies. Same thing cannot be done for fruits! as Fruits will loose its shape and texture. You can use frozen fruits only if you dont have the intention to get it back in same form! In simpler words if your planning to make something like ice cream/ milk shake which dont require shape and texture of fruit but only taste then go ahead freezing the fruits :)

I wanted to post this Sometime later! But Since its a sweetcorn season going around, sweetcorn are available abundantly everywhere I decided to post this now! It may be helpful for many of us who love sweetcorn! When we are getting sweetcorn in such cheaper price y not free and store it? Instead of getting frozen sweetcorn kernels Paying much higher price? than it deserves to be? 

This particular set of corns my brought 3 for 20Rs and Yesterday she and my aunt Brought 20 corns for 10Rs Wat a Price slash depending upon the availability lolz. 

Some Corns are really very fresh we cannot remove the kernels easily! so If u decide to freez corn this way! Get well matured Sweetcorn, Of which Kernels can be removed easily just by hand! 

Take a Corn Remove the skin and hairs it holds, Hold it in ur hand and slightly try to bend it, from all the sides, This will help in loosen up the kernels from their Tight packing which is gifted naturally!! Then Break it into 2!! Remove corns kernels from the middle part, As it will be much easy, Once you remove one or 2 lines the removing of rest would be like a breeze you'll love it actually!!!0

- Once you have removed 1 or 2 lines of these kernels You change the direction of ur pulling out. 
When u start removing like this its very easy! But this will happen only when corn is well matured. So the corns I got here was really fine. Whole corns coming out fuss free :) I even had times when it dint come out well and I used a Knife to get the corn kernels. The only thing which will be missing using a knife is you may get smaller kernels of corn and not the whole as its showing here. 

Boil Water More Just enough required to boil depending upon the quantity of corn kernels. When water is boiling right away put the corn kernels and boil it for 2-3 mins in high flame.

Drain the water in a colander and let it rest allowing it to drain excess. You see the changed texture? :) and gloss after boiling?

- Place it in a Wide Big plate with cotton dupatta or big towel beneath. 

- Wipe out all the extra moisture!! Allow it to get to room temperature completely!!!

Arange it in a plate and keep it in freezer, Keep turning sides after every 15- 20 mins. So that cooling reaches every kernel and freezes individually. Keep it in fridge for 2-3 hrs till all the sweet corns are set. You dont have to keep an eye, When ever u get time just go and shake up / mix it upside down (simple)

- Once its frozen this will be the state
you see these are individual corn kernels after being frozen and the texture is same but now sounds like stones :P when put on plate from a distance.

Put it in a zip lock bag/ Plastic cover / Or a Plastic container and store it in freezer! 

This can be used as and when you need!! Since its frozen as individual grains you can handle it easily!! 

Isnt It easy? Healthy? And Better Than Store Brought For Affordable Price?

Boiling allows Killing of enzymes which may spoil the product in long term. Same things can be done to veggies But time will vary. Since sweet corns cooks quick it needs shorter time, Remember we r just killing enzymes and not cooking fully. So just par boil kind!!

Wiping after boiling is important so that extra moisture is removed!! and it wont form lump while freezing!

Now Store Sweet corns like this and use it around the year.

Make Chaats, Sundal, Gravy, Curry, Any side dish or include in salads :) you wont be disappointed  

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