Monday, 21 October 2013

Hot Chocolate Fudge

Hot Chocolate Fudge

Hot chocolate fudge For SFC

 When I read the recipe I was again like oh what no? cream, Chocolate + ice cream no no I cant do, Its like self battle for me when I have to think abt making sweets, I have a long to do list of sweets but hardly make any!! only reason gets in is we keep getting lots of sweets from outside which gives me very less chance to make my own. but hopefully With SFC im going to try my hands on sweets every now and then ;) Sweet lovers like me will agree To those melting moments which you want to hold within yourself ;) Thats wat I felt after having this.

1st thing was I wanted to understand the recipe. I tried to google and luckily I found a video from  +Maahi Gupta  of Inhouserecipes her video was short and explained me quiet well what the logic behind hot chocolate fudge was. 

Though I dint completely followed her but yet! It was her basic. Will tell u how!!

 Things we need 
Ice Cream Any variety Chilled very chilled :P
Hot Chocolate sauce

What u can garnish with
Nuts, Cherries, wafers, Whipped Cream 

Make Hot Chocolate sauce. 
Scoop out ice cream in the dish to be served and pour hot chocolate sauce over it. Garnish it with things of ur choice and enjoy ;)

I did not garnish it with anything, as ice cream and chocolate sauce itself was a great treat to our tastebuds ;) It was highly flavorful on its own!!

ream i

So What waiting for guys  make your own Hot Chocolate Fudge Quick ;)

And here after eating it Ahhhhhhhh


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  1. love to finish that bowl too, hot fudge is so versatile sauce, u can use it on any yummy food. visit me too dear.

  2. wow super tempting hot chocolate fudge sauce :) am drooling here !!

  3. Am getting mad on seeing ur fudge, want some rite now.

  4. What's not to like in hot fudge!! Very nice :)

  5. The plate with hot chocolate sauce and ice cream looks really delicious and yummy Aara.. Super tempting dessert :-)

  6. Drooling here...nice blog you have. Visit my space too

  7. Saw that finished version.. hoping to get some.. That's no fair dear :'(


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