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Rajbhog For SFC

Hello friends 
Today Its About Rajbhog. Being Member of Sweet Fantasy Club Im going to explore more and more of Indian sweets as well as fusion desserts, Hope Im able to do the task. I was not really expecting myself to do the tasks this month. Im a lazy blogger and the worst is Sweets R like strict no no at my home, But me and my family love sweets we cannot resist.  After thinking alot and seeing other members post I couldnt resist honestly. I made sure Im not spending too much as well as I maintain low calorie intake for myself and my family. So the purpose was served right! The biggest point is I dont want to demand ingredients to my parents just for sake of blogging and that too because im member of a group. But Honestly speaking As we love sweets we dont need a reason. My family cherishes as long as I make it genuine without wasting anything ;) It hardly happens lolzz

I had never had rajbhog in my life. I had made Rasgulla's which was a hit among my frnds in facebook and blog as well. But rajbhog was something so new I almost dropped the plan but later on gathered some courage to try my hands out ;) 

Recipe was mentioned in the group itself and We were allow to tweek it as we like or use any other source. So I made up my mind I started preparation according to my own convenience 

Ingredients used. ( Adapted from Sanjeev kapoor )
Half Liter Full fats milk for chenna
1/2 tsp maida
1/2 tsp suji / semolina
1/2 tsp Sugar
Vinegar - 2-3 tsp 
Water - 750ml
Sugar - 4-5 tablespoon

Filling ( adapted from Nishamadhulika)
4-5 Cashewnut
3- Almonds
4-5 Pistachio
Elaichi powder 1tsp
Kesar If available

Chop all the nuts Mix up all these and keep aside

- Boil Milk as soon as it boils add vinegar and curdle as soon as the whole thing curdle remove in a cloth let the water drain. Now put the cloth wraped chenna under running tap. This is helpful to stop chenna becoming hard as well as remove the sourness of vinegar from chenna. Once this is done Rub the chenna inside the cloth itself to smoothen out its particles. Mean while excess moisture will also get removed. 

- Take this out in a plate / flat surface.  Add sugar, suji and maida to chenna and rub rub rub, mix and mash nicely to smoothen the whole dough. it should be nice soft and smooth. 

- Now divide the dough into 4 portions. The point is Rajbhog is always bigger than normal rasgullas. Either its cooked as it is or stuffed. Here we r using stuffing. 

- After Diving the balls now stuff it with the nuts and round it again and smoothen the surface.  keep this ready.

- Boil sugar and water. Take enough water so that the balls can play nicely inside. I took milk boiling pan It was enough to hold 750ml water  + sugar you can use more water but make sure that the balls have enough space to get cooked freely otherwise it result in flat rajbhog. 

- When the water is boiling. drop these stuffed balls slowly and allow it to cook in high flame for 2-3 mins. Then close the lid. medium the flame and cook for 10-15 mins. 

- You will see the balls triple in size :) High the flame and let it cook for 2-3 mins more. And your done!!!

- Allow it to rest so that it come down to room temp and Serve!!

- The recipe suggested to serve chill, But I found rajbhog became hard. I had to reboil it to make it soft. That wat I liked as, but my dad said Hard and chilled ones would have tasted gud. Now I cannot tell u much on this part :) Pls try out urself :D

- I added little of yellow color to sugar syrup. You can add yellow food color to chenna too.
- You can make a thick syrup and add it while serving if u want your rajbhog to have perfect sweetness.  ( I served it with thin sugar syrup used for cooking itself, Remember low calorie thingy :D )
- Serve it warm or chill is your choice. 
- make sure u knead the dough too well for crack free result
- I dint knead well So i had problem in stuffing and rounding it.  
- 1/2 liter milk yeilds 4 balls, so like wise If u want to increase the quantity of rajbhog ur making, double the ingredients and the amout of water used for syrup. 
- The boiling syrup should b very thin, only then it can work. 
- Make a thicker syrup for serving purpose if u desire. 
- You may add mawa along with nuts for filling
- You may try out without stuffing as well, it will not disappoint you. But stuffing ones give a uniqueness so I will suggest you to try once atleast!!! 

You should really try this simple thing. Everyone enjoyed it!! Special thanks to my bro, he looked after the cooking process coz I go busy with other works :)

My brother being rasgulla expert said next time dont add suji just add maida and see so may be I can listen to his advice haha :D

Updating Info After a week of this posting:
  Im in Nagpur with my family and Came across Rajbhog in haldirams as Kesar Bhog Which costed Rs 24 /Piece. Since mom tasted what I made she asked me to get 5 pieces so that all can enjoy along with our relatives. When After we reached home and consumed It the taste was highly disappointing even though the kesar bhog they served was Big Soft Spongy and Yellow in color with little filling inside, I can just Say that My version Was Almost 100times better to what I tasted with store brought!!! Or may be Im yet to taste a better version!! Mean While My version will be my HERO :P hehe

Do Try out Guys :)

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  1. so delicious raj bhog :) looks super yummy with filling !!

  2. Love the rajbhog. Just love it. I have to try this....rajbhog is special for me for personal reasons, and I have been wanting to make them for so long. Your instructions are fabulous too. Bookmarked.

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