Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Mixed Veg Bread Bites - Throw In Anything!!

Mixed Veg Bread Bites - Throw In Anything!!

This is something I love to do most of the times when hungry and want to have something healthy!!

Basically Stale bread slices with any veggies are used. So you can feel free to throw in anything you got handy for the moment!!

Eggs - 2 (optional) 
Bread slices - 4- 6
Mixed Veggies ( I had spinach, cabbage & sping onion available with me) can add carrot, capsicum, sweetcorn or anything more as you please
some salt, pepper and chaat masala as per needed
sugar a pinch
Oil - 1tbsp

- Heat oil in a pan. add in eggs and scramble it. Do not break it to much, 
- Add in mixed veggies and salt cook for 2-3 mins in medium flame just till little tender.
- Add in roughly chopped bread slices, and toss it well.
- Add a little sugar chat masala and pepper powder
- Mix it well and serve!!

- Sometimes veggies do release some water while cooking thats simply ok. When we add bread it will absorb the moisture content. 
- Dont over mix again and again this may break the soft breads
- Once the whole thing comes to normal room temp, breads will retain its original shape and texture.
- You can easily re-heat this.
- Seasonings can be added according to taste so not giving any proper measurement for this
Can use shredded Chicken too if you like

I loved this so much that I had everything to my own!! I become selfish sometimes!! Greedy Me!! hehe :D

Do try out im sure u'll love it!!

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  1. I used to make this long time back... now totally forgot about it... always a handy snack!

  2. yum yum...i make a similar one for breakfasts, when i'm lazy....

  3. I too do this when bread slices are going to expiry. Its a very dish for any time of the day. I also like the addition of veggies.

  4. Simple yet delightful...I also add tomatoes:)


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