Monday, 16 February 2015

Low Fats Creamy Spinach Pasta Soup

Low Fats Creamy Spinach Pasta Soup

This soup is very light creamy and filling. No cream is used here as it is low fats But pasta to soup is what creates the magic :)

Of course this is part of my experiment and diet food for people looking out for yummy yet filling. This soup is a  filling meal on its own!! does not require much of hard work though!! Let get through quick to the recipe

Spinach - 2 cups
Onion - 1 large or 2 medium roughly choped
Large garlic pods - 4-5 if small use 8
Pepper for season
salt to taste
Pasta - 1/4th cup or 3-4 tbsp
Milk - to adjust consistency 

- Pressure cook spinach onion and garlic for 2 whistles with some water and blend it once the pressure drops
- In the prepared above mixture add 1cup water and milk adjusting the consistency. let it be thin!!
- Now add pasta to the the soup mixture and allow it to cook in medium heat for 7-10 mins.
- keep stirring in between so that pasta do now stick at the bottom. Add in salt and pepper too
- Once you see pasta has doubled in size switch of the heat and allow it to rest for minimum of half hour before serving.
- Reheat it, adjust the consistency by adding milk in case it has become too much thick. 
- You can have it hot or in normal room temp. Both the ways tastes great!!

- If you dont want to add pasta and make it more healthy you may add oats and cook the spinach mixture for 5 mins till the soup thickens
- There is not corn starch used here as pasta itself has starch and will discharge its starch in soup as it cook. giving volume to the soup as well. (This will also make the soup creamier without using cream.
- Milk add the taste to the soup do not miss adding milk
- You may also add some sliced almonds if you are serving your kids. It will all make it more nutritious to them!!
- You may also add some veggies of your choice based on ur own experiment!!
- Allowing resting time for 30 mins will make sure the pasta is done well and soup is well infused with all ingredients. It will allow u to adjust the consistency accordingly!!
- You may add a spoonful of butter if you like!!
- If not adding pasta or oats can just add some cornflour mixed in water to get the volume.
- You may add cream to the soup if you desire!!

**** After pressure cooking spinach may look real dark and unpleasing. Adding milk to the soup gives it a wonderful color and texture :)

I took this soup without pasta and with pasta too. Both tasted very delicious. Do try and let us know how it turned for you!!
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  1. Looks simply amazing and yet healthy dear.

  2. The soup is really yummy and healthy as well. I loved it. Thank u so much for the share. Keep posting with lots more.

  3. This is such a refreshing soup... Today is a soup day at home, I feel like making this for today...

  4. lovely flavors in,yumm for weather!

  5. Very soothing soup perfect for the cold weather here:)


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