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Tawa Garlic Butter Naan (Without Yeast)

Tawa Garlic Butter Naan (Without Yeast)

I was never fascinated about naan's until I tried myself and loved the amazing result.

Working with yeast is simple but I dont really go towards yeast until we plan to make pizza's that too is so rare ( not even once a year ). 
Generally I was never interested about naan's this mite be strange but honestly naan's came in the list of "Not My Kind Of Food"

It was my parents anniversary last week when I decided a surprise dinner Just to be a big flop
Dad n bro had dinner outside (different places) in spite my insisting to have dinner at home, mom me too had dinner separately. What dint flop was the FOOD!! The more happy I was about the great result, equally was upset about how things went. Sometimes things dont go as we plan 

If you go by my words, its really easy to prepare!! No chance to panic at all!! If you have never made naan's till now, its ur turn to try out ur 1st shot and become expert. When u decide to make next time it will be so easy to work with because ur 1st try has given u gud experience on how to work with it :)

And yes most of the ingredients would be readily available in your pantry!!

For 8-10 naan's
Serve 4-5 people generously

Maida / APF - 4 cups
Baking powder - 1and half tsp
Baking Soda - 1 and half tsp
Curd - 1/2 cup
Lemon Juice - 1 tbsp
Salt - 1tsp
Oil - 1tbsp
Water for kneading
Garlic - 8-10 Chopped
Coriander leaves 3-4 tbsp

- Sieve Maida, Baking powder and baking soda together, add salt curd, oil and knead into soft dough using water. the dough should be a little loose, not tightly binded.
- Now add lemon juice from top and knead again to mix light handed, not with force.
- Keep it to ferment for abt 4-5hrs With lid closed.
- It will double in size by the time you are ready to cook.
- By now the dough will be in sticky kind of state. Add more flour and knead again for better workable condition. Make balls out of dough (big enough as stuffed paratha)

Here Comes the Actual Job!!
- Now Use more flour and start rolling slowly each balls. This may be a tough job at 1st if you are new to making naan like me. but after one or 2 naan's you will know how to work with it.
- As you roll apply pressure firmly. Use more flour to roll if its sticking.
- When you get the desired shape add in garlic 1st on top side and then coriander, press it with fingers or rolling pin lightly so that it gets pressed to the surface of naan.
- Keep tawa hot and place the down side of naan 1st. Garlic and coriander side should be on top.
- When you place it after a min there will be big bubbles showing on top side. flip it to the another side and let it cook for another min. 
- Remove from tawa, you will see nice golden spots over the bubbles of naan and wonderful aroma of garlic and coriander emitting. 
- Keep all the prepared naan aside in a casserole (How To Keep Roti | Phulkas | Parathas Soft For Longer Time ) You can also keep it open. Since the naans are very soft it wont get hard quick!!
- When you are about to serve. Take each naan keep it over flame and turn both sides evenly. Apply butter and serve hot.

- You can use half of APF and half of whole wheat flour for healthier version of naan.
- Usually grated garlic is used, but I have used finely chopped ones to spread evenly across the naan which is less possible with grated ones. It taste gud when you get garlic flavor in every bite.
- If you living place climatic condition is cool you can keep it warm places like oven which is pre heated and switched off. 
- While applying butter make sure butter is in solid state. When you apply the butter over hot naan the butter would melt evenly and just as little as needed if you are on restricted diet. 
- Coriander leaves mite burn when u keep the naan over flame, so be careful not to keep the naan over flame for longer time.
- You can omit the coriander, but its looks gud presentation wise!!

My Experience Working With Naan:
- No need to have perfect shaped naans (you might not get 1 perfect shape as well) :)
- While rolling for naan we might see its more like pizza dough when we keep rolling and the dough keeps coming back to the center. 
- Make naans round or oval is your wish. Both looked cool to me but round shaped gave much of a dominant look. 

- After rolling for about 4-5 inch of diameter I took naan in hands and kept shifting from one hand to another like hand made roti's. While shifting one hand to another the naan stretch to bigger size as well as get gud shape without using rolling pin. No need to use more dry flour while doing this.
Now this is called roti slap according to the website from which pic has been taken!! 

At the beginning it was irritating using rolling pin but later when I started doing this way it was fun working with the dough and its much much easier to get uniform stretches this way!!

- I felt there is no real need to Show the naan over the flame. I have reasons to justify my statement.

People show it over flame to get tandoori effect!! 

Tandoori effect can be got only when you have big tandoor with charcoal burning inside the pot, which will slowly cook the naan with its heat in the sides of the pot, thus you get nice aroma of charcoal too. See the pic below

When we keep naan over the flame we get darker spots effect but also we burn the coriander leaves. Aroma and taste of coriander leaves diminishes. Therefore No Tandoori Taste!!

So next time when I make naan's I'll make sure its just tawa cooked :) keep the naans in tava for a little longer and you get same effect in better way!! 

Wanna have a bite? :) 
The above pic shows the thickness and softness. 

My mom liked eating it just like that!! it was so yummm
I served it with Chicken Tikka Masala Gravy If you can see in one of the pic above!! 

It was all just perfect!!

Try it out make your weekend special!! Dont forget to give your feedback!!
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