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Healthy Ice Apple Dessert - Dieters Choice

Healthy Ice Apple Dessert - Dieters Choice

Last Year I had Shared A Recipe Of Ice Apple With Milk, Which I Titled As FLOATING ICE APPLE IN MILKY PARADISE Check Out If You Haven't Seen Yet!!

This recipe is sister version of the above title mentioned, but a very healthy and low calorie treat.

Every Summer mom makes sure we get some ice apples and we consume it, as it is (whole fruit) skin peeled or making this yummy light dessert.

When mom brought this yesterday she asked me to make the dessert. Ice apples fused with milk gives real yumm taste, and really worth trying this way once.  I made very much as it is made always, But this healthier alternative strike my mind. I took out some the batch to try the innovation my way.

It was when I started adding sugar!! Sugar??? Ok I should admit im trying to omit sugar from my diet, unless and until im not giving a real treat to myself!! Or there is a shout from my family come-on have it!!

Time taken to prepare - 5 mins
Servings - 2

Ingredients :
Full Cream Milk/ skimmed milk - 1 cup (boiled and cooled)
Ice Apple - 6-8 (peeled & chopped)
Dates - 7-8 or more (chopped)
Basil seeds - 2 tsp
Almonds - 1tbsp (blanched) Sliced

- Add milk, ice apple and dates in a bowl and keep it inside fridge for 4-5hrs for flavors to infuse with each other
- Soak basil seeds in water for 15-20 mins and keep it in fridge for cooling separately
- Check for sweetness while serving. By this time dates would have soaked in milk nicely, mixing its sweetness to the dessert.
- Add in basil seeds (drain extra water) and almonds just before serving.
Serve it Chill.

- If you want you can add sugar if you feel sweetness of dates is not enough.
- Basil seeds gives really soothing effect while eating
- Almonds give gud crunchiness.
- Shelf life of this is 6-8hrs, If milk and fruit is kept like that for longer time, it will produce a kind of stickiness which cannot be consumed.
- Its always better to add basil seeds while serving, I fear it may get sticky quick. 
- You can add more dates than mentioned above it will not effect the taste.

Personally I liked this combination alot!! It was just different and biggest thing was a big Healthy Tag It was Carrying :) It was a guilt free indulgence!!

Variation (For Guests)
- You can add condensed milk for richer taste.
- Use dates paste instead of pieces, this will give more dominance to taste of dates.
- Add in vanilla ice cream while serving.
- Can add in more dry fruits if desired.
- Add some amt of rose syrup from top while serving.

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  2. Excellent dessert for this hot summer, very refreshing..

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  4. Those basil seeds? Have a bit more in the fridge and you bet I'm gonna enjoy the creamy and delicious dessert.

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  6. Lovely dessert, looks yummy...

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  8. fr those sweet tooth can have this instead of calorie stuffs.nice idea.

  9. Delicious lovely dessert. Love combo of ice apple with basil seeds.


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