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Sago Vermicelli Kheer - Energy Boosting Kheer

Sago Vermicelli Kheer - Energy Boosting Kheer

Milk is my 1st Love and I go for anything made up of milk. Sweets based on milk hold a weak nerve to me. The richness and flavors it gives when worked well with can put anyone wanting for more.

Me and my bro love milk, we really dont bother if someone asks us, you still drink milk???
My online friends who know milk can substitute my main meal call me Billi (Catty) I dont mind haha I dont know why but for various reasons one love to call me Billi. 

Every year my family and relatives have a traditional practice of exchanging Iftar Food with each other. Its a tedious process I'm sure everyone now is not interested to continue the tradition but by force have to do because when someone sends us Iftar It becomes like a duty to send them back too. Sometimes I wish I could talk 2 all of them during Eid meet and stop this lol ;) its obviously something my mom would never allow me to do (Keep dreaming aara) Anyhow exchanging food is considered to be blessings and this is a special blessing of Ramadan Alone :)  any pains is ok for a while!!

Every year I've been highly trying to cut off the expenses, tweaking iftar menu to something simple etc etc, its always something something for which I keep arguing with my mom, some she would agree some not :P Every mother and daughter had this kit kit (quarrel) I can vouch for!!  

This year it was my instinct to make a healthy kheer for my relatives instead of making Rich and Heavy yet heavenly tasting Bread halwa. I wanted to add my love to what I'am going to make, Instead of oil, ghee, sugar, bread n milk oh it gives me goose bumps coz Im the one who needs to keep tasting for accuracy as I make it lol. Yes tasting as we prepare sweets in night and most of the preparation is done at night itself, saves us from fasting and getting tired easily in day hours. 

So I had nailed kheer for this time and my mom easily agreed to me this time, no kit kit Wow!! when I said bread halwa??? its so rich bla bla bla everything what I can say to convince her :D 

This is my sole experiment where I tried to club up few energy boosting ingredients which can give a real kick to the body once consumed trust me ;) its delicious!!

I made into large Quantity using 3liters of milk + water 1.5liters or more, sago 150gms, thin vermicelli 200gms roasted, semolina, and donno what amount of sugar. But here im going to share recipe for 1 liter milk so you can easily manage making kheer for 8-10 people,  not like me 8 to 10 houses of relatives :D

Full Cream Milk - 1 liter
Water - 750ml or more
Sugar As needed
Sago / Sabudana / Jawarsi - 1/2 cup (washed and soaked for 5 hours or over night)
Vermicelli thin variety - 1.5 cups (roasted well)
Semolina roasted in ghee - 2 tablespoon
Cardamon n Kesar for flavoring ( I used Everest Kesar Masala )
Condensed milk - 4 tbsp (for richness)
Almonds For Garnishing
Extra Milk if required!!

- Boil milk in a heavy bottom pan, As it starts boiling add soaked sago along with its water also add vermicelli and semolina. 
- Keep stirring as you add, because semolina tends to becomes small balls when not in stirring mode
- Once it starts boiling add sugar as much as needed, add condensed milk too. 
- Keep over low flame and allow it to cook for 15-20 mins. Keep stirring every 5-10 mins clearing the sides, and also in case it chars!! You can do Your other works mean while but be attentive to kheer as well!!
- Check for Sugar if needed. Add the flavorings close the lid and allow it to rest.
- After half an hour we can find flavors have infused quiet well. and vermicelli has got a wonderful volume by now!!
- Just in case you find your kheer very thick, you can always adjust it will boiled milk as desired
- Garnish with almonds and serve Chilled!!!

Water used here is not too much!! Vemicelli, semolina and sago has the tendency to soak moisture as it cooks and cools, Kheer will show thicken as shown in the below pic. So always have extra little of milk ready to adjust the consistency according to your likeness.

Similarly I cannot speak about the sugar because to my observation I had added lots of sugar and still somewhere it felt lessen sweet to me, I asked my mom to taste and I added more sugar than I would actually like to use. But yet after sometime it dint feel too sweet. The reason is Sago, vermicelli and semolina has tendency to absorb all the flavors moisture and also the sweetness :) so do not worry if this happens to you!!

This pic shows small pot with thick condensed kheer can be served with puri and paratha or as it is, and larger pot diluted with some added milk which was perfect to be served individually as dessert

Adding semolina was not in my idea list :D but since I felt kheer needs some volume, I roasted semolina and added after adding sago n vermicelli. But you can add it before along with vermicelli n sago. Semolina gives wonderful volume to kheer. you can skip if you dont want and add cashew paste of soaked basmathi rice paste instead for good volume :)

Kheer Boxes packed and refrigerated to be sent!!

Make the Kheer and Enjoy it chilled!! 

Serving Suggestions:
1) Add more milk to the kheer and serve it as a manageable drink in disposable glasses serve it chilled.
2) Let it chill and thicken on its own, serve it as dessert in bowls with spoon.

Let me know your thoughts about this Delicious Yumm :)
Until next cya Bubye :)

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  1. That's a lot of kheer there! I love the combination of sago and vermicelli... looks so yum...

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  5. Sago & Vermicelli. Love this combinations. Yummy.

  6. i still drink milk too :D aaru , so happy to see your comments at my place after a lonnnnnngggg time :) hahahaha n seriously it made me laugh too :D u k raza bhaai ka sab kuch band hai infact itny months sy no cheese no pizza :D

  7. this kheer is looking so healthy .. i love vermicelli n sago :) such a healthy version ;)

  8. I liked the fusion and OMG you made a big batch of kheer


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