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Quick Kanji - 30 mins and done!!

Quick Kanji - 30 mins and done!!

After 2yrs of blogging Finally I'am down to blog about kanji. Every time I click pics and want to post and each time I fail to do so.

Today is the day when finally I decided to post a quick and easy recipe as I finished my prayers and got free. 

To People who dont know what is kanji
Kanji is a porridge made of rice mixed with spices and protein. Sometimes lentils are also added for a better taste which makes it more rich in protein content. It is specially made during Ramadan in south India at almost every household and also it is made widely in mosques for free distribution among the people who are fasting.

Anyone who does iftar in mosque gets for free, also distributed among households to anyone who comes with a container to take kanji. It is said that kanji cools the heated up stomach, gives high energy as it is made up of rice (its starch is used as well) Some amount of lentils, non veg and veg is added for protein and vitamins making it a full meals on its own. There are many variations of making kanji and nothing can beat the other. 

Where starting from hyderabad to north delhi lucknow and other places haleem and khichda is dominating I can frankly speak that haleem and khichda carries lots of fats content very rich in nature and also very tideous to work with, draining our energy!! can be consumed limited due to its richness

When we speak about kanji, it is light, filling and nutritious in nature. Consumes less time and energy to be made. Kanji can be consumed till ur tummy fills in ;) trust me at this part :) sometimes people cant stop with just 1 serving, they want more more and more......

Here goes the recipe.

Rice 1 cup
Moong daal 1/4th cup
Fenugreek seeds - 1tsp

Soak these together over night in water and ready to use next day!! This step is optional but I do it as it yields quick cooking and helps no gastric formation which can be caused by moong daal sometimes. 

Green Cardamon - 3
Cinnamon - 1inch
Oil / Ghee - 2tbsp
Chicken Mince / Mutton mince - 1/2cup
Ginger Garlic Paste- 2tbsp
Turmeric powder - 1/2tsp
Chilli Powder - 1/4th tsp or more according to your taste
Tomatoes - 2 medium roughly chopped
Curd - 1tbsp (optional)
Salt to taste

Keep ready Coconut milk extract out of 1small coconut of half of 1 large coconut. This will include 1st milk and 2nd milk also 3rd if possible. This will be used at the end step.
Coriander leaves to garnish

- In a pressure cooked add oil/ ghee allow it to heat.
- Once heated add cardamon and cinnamon stick, let it splutter, add all the other ingredients and saute it for a min or two.
- Add soaked & drained rice into the cooker and add 6-8 cups of water.
- Pressure cook it for 2 whistles and allow it to rest till the pressure release.
- Once pressure is released open the lid and mash it with a daal masher add coconut milk + water and adjust the salt.
- Bring it to boil once. Check the salt garnish it with coriander leaves. 
- Serve Hot with your iftar :)

- You can use whole pieces of boneless chicken and shred it later once its cooked and add it back to kanji.
- You can use chicken, mutton or beef as you like.
- You can add veggies of your choice.
- This proportion is perfect for 6-8 members in a family. You can adjust the proportion of rice to moong daal from 1/2 cup rice + 2tbsp moong daal for 4 people and 1/4th cup rice + 2tbsp moong daal for 2 person. Adjust the spices and other ingredients accordingly.
- You can add all the ingredients into pressure cooker including coconut milk minus some cups of water mentioned above and cook it around for 2-3 whistles. Lets the steam release open the lid and mash the content, Add more water to make it liquid if required. Adjust the salt as needed boil it once and serve.

For Vegetarians:
Add vegetables of your choice like Carrot, peas, beans, cabbage etc.  To substitute non veg chewy thing add paneer pieces finely chopped or add soaked n boiled soya (cut into pieces) 
* paneer n soya are great non-veg substitute for rich protein in this whole meal :)

When I 1st opened the pressure cooker I felt oops so much of haldi? (turmeric) how will others eat but then I had no option other than to continue with the process. Once I added the coconut milk it gave me a lovely vibrant pleasing yellow color. I felt a gr8 wow inside!! so dont panic if you find it yellow yellow mixture before adding coconut milk :)

This was my 1st try with kanji coconut milk and the result was mind blowing. 
My dad loved it as I do :) We had 2 bowl full without hesitation Tummy full hum dono khush khush :D
My mom was skeptical about it, as always :P she has her own ways of cooking and taste.
As she ate I kept watching her. Its her nature to try new things with a expression of refusal lol :P After having one bowl I asked if she wants more, she said no. within few mins she said give me more, me aur khush :P atleast my trial and pain to create something new dint go in vain. She loved it too. 

So do not hesitate to try this recipe its really yumm and easy to make light on tummy specially for iftar :)

Got more kanji recipes which will be shared shortly, Until then Cya!!

Dont forget  write back your views, Quires, and your trial with my recipes in comment section, for sure it will help newbies of cooking!!

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  1. Your kanji sounds really delicious with the daal, mince and all... Bookmarking this to try for sure... :)

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  3. Indeed very popular over here for Iftar. But we have our version, This kanji is divine.


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