Tuesday 17 June 2014

Mango Biscuit Layer Pudding

Mango Biscuit Layer Pudding

All of us are enjoying mangoes this season, why not just tweak it into something refreshing with mangoes?

Today on board I have Julie who blogs at Evrivum Puliyum which means spice & sour flavors in malyalam. She has all unique tried and tested recipes from kitchen. She started this blog to share her passion and recipes with the world.
I just happened to come across her blog and completely loved it! how neatly she blogs with wonderful pics to drool with. I have saved few of her recipes like ChundaWhole Wheat Chocolate WafflesGuacamole etc, Please visit her blog to see more!!
We had been interacting in comments for sometime, until I mailed her asking if she would be interested to do a guest post for my space, she replied it positively with such a lovely guest post to present.

Mangoes are in season and its one of my favorite fruits as well.And so,I started trying out my list of mango recipes.This is one recipe which I have modified and fitted to our taste buds.Though I jotted down this mango agar pudding recipe sometime back (source;don't remember) but adding biscuits for base was my instant idea and I think that worked out good and you had to be here to fathom how excited I was as playing with agar agar had been my first experience.It as a stupendous moment to see the silky smooth dessert set up really good.I made it for one of our get together and I had just this last piece left out to capture the shot.I added chocolate sauce on top which is strictly optional.You can always mix match your ideas to present it well.Do give it a try if you love mangoes and am sure anyone would say'no' to it !!

to make biscuit layer
digestive biscuits 20
butter 4-5 tbsp
to make mango pudding
mangoes 3 fresh medium sized(I used ataulfo variety)
milk 1 cup
condensed milk 1/2-3/4 cup
agar agar 15 gm(2-3 tbsp of flakes) 
To make biscuit layer
-Crush digestive marie biscuits or graham crackers using hands.(don't blend as it becomes totally powdered)
-Mix the butter and crushed biscuits until well coated.Spoon this mixture in the prepared tray and spread evenly until it is reached a single layer.Refrigerate half an hour to set completely.

To make mango pudding layer
-Soak the agar agar strands in 1/4 cup water.Then bring this softened agar agar mix to a boil until completely dissolved.
-In the meantime,wash,peel and cut the mangoes.Blend it in a juicer/blender until smooth.
-Boil milk in another pan and pour the blended pulp,condensed milk and stir without lumps.Add the hot dissolved agar agar in this mix after straining.Stir well,switch off flame.
-Pour on top of  the biscuit layer and refrigerate until set (about 2-3 hours)
-Add chocolate sauce on top,cut and serve !!

Servings~ 8" square pan

* You can use any variety of mangoes.Depending on the sweetness of mangoes,add or reduce condensed milk.
* You can even use canned mango pulps available in stores.
* I have used agar agar strands but you can use powder as well or use gelatin 2 tsp instead of agar agar.

Thank you Julie for this lovely Guest Post!! I wish to see more such lovely posts from you :)

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  1. Nice guest post dear n jus love the new luk of ur page, just saw it today....:)

  2. I love Julie's blog... this pudding is calling my name!!!

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  4. Thanx Aara for the opportunity to showcase my recipes at your space,feeling happy and honoured ..Thanx again for all the sweet mention about me n my space too :)

  5. Ahhhh!!! its a must try. I love anything with mangoes.

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  8. Delicious mango pudding....... Lovely clicks dear!

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