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How To Make Ripe Mango Squash - Preservative Free

How To Make Ripe Mango Squash - Preservative Free

Nothing can beat home made products, Why not make it at home in healthy way than to buy factory made?

Being an anti mango person, I dont allow my parents or myself to intake much of mangoes, of course it is delicious but not gud to be consumed in large amount at a time just because it is in seasonal.
We dint buy mangoes all the while, but I told mom to get mangoes so that I can preserve it, use later on during Ramadan.
Yes I did freeze up some mango chunks and puree!! 

To freeze mango chunks, Cut the mangoes into slices or cubes, arrange them in a tray without sticking to each other and allow it to freeze, once this is done, remove one by one and place it in zip lock bag or just a normal transparent plastic cover, This way you will get separate mango slices/chunks when u take out, not everything as big mass.

When the freezing was over I was thinking whats next? Lets prepare something for up coming Ramadan. I thought of making mango squash!! Though I never made it before Took Pleasure to surf net as usual, Google Maharaj Ki Jai. After going thru various websites and blogs made up my mind to start my work!!

To make mango squash!!
Obtained 1.7 liters of mango squash

Mangoes- 5-6 pureed (obtained 1liter puree)
Sugar - 4 and 1/2 cups
Juice of 2 lemons / 2 tbsp citric acid (I used lemon juice)
Water - 4 cups

Grind the mangoes to obtain Mango Puree No water Added

In a deep pan / sauce pan add sugar, lemon juice/ citric acid and water, allow it to boil till you see a rich thick consistency. This will take around 15-20 mins of boiling, have a check time may vary.

Filter the sugar syrup using a metal strainer into the mango puree (to remove dirt if any) 
Mix the mango puree and hot sugar nicely and you will get a smooth free flowing mango squash ready.

All the sources said to bottle it up when still hot, in well sterilized glass bottles. 

But my mom and bro insisted to allow it to cool down and then store it in bottles. I bottled it warm into plastic bottles.

It looked like this when cooled Rich and thick in consistency!!

Our Yummy Delicious Mango Squash is ready!!!

How to Serve:
In a glass take 2-3 tablespoon (1/4th of the glass) squash mix it with chilled water and ice cubes, mix and serve it chilled. 
Check if u want more sweeter taste you can add in more squash (it wont be needed) 

You see the difference in color between the squash and the drink?? Very Radiant indeed!! 

We can use sodium benzoate for longer shelf life, but since I wanted to keep it preservative free I dint use any chemical. 
Using sodium benzoate will extend the shelf life of squash to 1yr aprox!!

Mangoes which I have used was very bright yellow in color and very sweet as well. The color of squash will highly depend upon the mangoes taken in use.

Serving Suggestions:
- In Juice prepared Add lemon juice / crushed mint leaves / crushed ginger (for extra flavor). Allow it to sit in fridge for sometime strain it and serve it chill.
- Drizzle undiluted squash on ice creams.
- Use it for making smoothies
- Use it over any dessert as toppings 

Enjoy it as you please!!!

If you have mangoes still available at your place do not miss to make this and enjoy!!

My next venture is aam papad!! I made it on my brothers request!! Shall be posting it quick once it sets!!

Do try and let us know :)

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  1. Very true...home made products are the best...visit my space too

  2. I simply love anything with mangoes. Really, given a choice, I don't mind mangoes everyday. Its delicious and a perfect thirst quencher.

  3. Wow. This is such a do-it-yourself recipe. I had never even thought of that x

  4. Super tasty recipe...... Love the mango flavor !

  5. HI AURA,

  6. awesome post dear... good to see a change in ur blog look... :)

  7. Refreshing homemade one,love it!!

  8. Well done, i love this squash as they dont have preservative.

  9. Great idea to make our own, customize to our taste and safe!

  10. wow beautifully made aara i have seen my mother she prepared last time when i was a kid :) didn't know the recipe .. thanks for sharing ;) she used to add some citric acid.. i still remember


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