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How To Make Perfect Stuffed Paratha Step By Step

How To Make Perfect Stuffed Paratha Step By Step

Stuffed parathas are really yummy depending upon what we stuff in, But What when the rolling up goes wrong despite however yummy the filling is??

Hello to All my lovely Readers its really been long I had blogged anything of my own. I had been feeding my blog with guest post for almost 2 months if I can recall. Home shifting and lack of internet availability played a major reason behind my long absence but Im able to work on atleast something now.

I whole heartedly apologize to all my fellow bloggers I haven’t been able to visit their blogs over a  month now due to no internet availability. I cant explain how much I miss all the updates from you guys. Yet all of u visit my space and keep commenting showing  love to me and my bloggy baby.  I’m really greatful to have such lovely virtual friends around me Thank you so so so much for being so supportive.

When I was selecting bloggers for libster award last month I was going thru all the blogs I follow and saw some bloggers who dint function for more than a month exceeding to 3 months too. It made me doubtful on what makes them stay away from blogging??? Don’t they miss blogging? To speak frankly blogging is more like a passion where u give ur best and also have an eye on what others do. There is so much to learn here, but doubtful question befall on me as well. Many of us women here who blog regularly, but conditions in our life play a very major role on what we can put here and how we can access internet like. Working mothers, home makers, some emergency in family, social functions, visitors at home etc etc etc we have real gud reasons to stay away from blogging but no excuse from cooking lolzz!! Aahh Life of a women…..

Today I want to share my experience in stuffing parathas.
I believe Punjabis/ north Indians are experts in making stuffed parathas and having aloo paratha or other stuffed parathas outside gives a uniqueness perfectly rolled well stuffed with loads of ghee and butter, yummyyy.

After lots of experiments and watching videos on stuffed paratha finally I have my own way out, not something very different than what others show, but a little technique is required for sure.
According to me the perfect way stuffed parathas are those which has the filling nicely spread inside the dough balls. And when we eat we get the taste of filling and roti both equally rather just roti or just filling, It happens yess it does!!  My bro loves eating aloo ka paratha he makes  filling his way and asks me to roll out for him. This was one of the moment when these pics below were clicked.

Ingredients needed
Soft Kneaded Dough
Filling for Stuffing
Dry flour for Rolling
Ghee / Butter as needed

1)    Make balls of kneaded dough big enough as tennis ball.
2)    Roll it as small chapatti thick enough.
3)    Now Place the stuffing in between the rolled dough.

4)    Slowly trying bringing in all the edges of the round chapatti to the center.

5)    Now join in the dough at the center.

6)    Slowly move the ball in between both ur palms to smoothen out. This will also help the stuffing to get center position and the dough will cover the filling equally from all the sides. It should now looks like a big ball

7)    Also see from back side that no filling is visible or showing out.

8)    Place the ball over rolling board and flatten the ball slightly. This will ensure filling gets distributed inside the ball evenly in center as well as in the sides.

9)    Keep the joined side of dough on top and start rolling the paratha slowly and steadily. Do not press much while rolling it may cause cracks in side parts oozing the fillings out.

10)     If filling is see thru after rolling out paratha there is nothing to worry about, only care should be take that filling does not come out sticking to the rolling pin.
11)    Place joined in side of paratha 1st over the tava downward and smooth side should face top

12)    Turn sides after a minute. Start applying little  Oil/ghee or butter at one side. Flip it and apply some oil again. This will ensure even cooking and coloring at both the sides.

13)     Again flip it till both the sides are done well. When you find parathas puff up like phulkas it’s a good sign, ensures filling is distributed evenly.

14)    Even distribution of Filling shows the result while eating as well. You can easily see it in the pic below.

15)    Apply more Ghee / Butter / Oil as needed and serve it hot with pickle or raita
This was a little demo abt stuffing parathas which I showed via potato filling, You can use any filling even cauliflower, paneer, kheema etc  to name a few.

1)    Make sure your filling is not too watery. If onion is added raw to ur filling then make sure to squeeze extra water out of the filling before taken in use for stuffing.
2)    Dough should be just soft not too hard not too sticky.
3)    Size of dough ball and filling should be same. Over stuffing the filling may cause unwanted cracks and difficulty in rolling
4)    Apply enough dry flour while rolling parathas so that it don’t stick to the rolling board/pin
5)    Flipping should not be done more than 3-4 times, Flipping too many times may cause cracks or breaking of parathas. 1st flip should be done after 30 sec,  second flip should be done after a min or more. If you require more roasting then 3rd and 4th flip can take place. Practice does teach us many things.
6)    Some people say stuffing parathas and keeping the ball like that for sometime will allow it to set and good rolling. I would totally deny to their ideas. Each ball once stuffed should be immediately rolled out and cooked for better result. Keeping the balls to set for sometime will not allow good and even distribution of filling inside the ball + when it is rolled we see all visible cracks in parathas, which is really unpleasant. While doing this I even saw that filling goes to the sides and center remains only with dough part this will not result in puff up too, which is again a complete noooooo. 

Personally I feel salt and spices in the fillings should be more because dough is bland in nature, when we roll out filling along with dough we feel the difference while eating, filling dosent taste as yummy as we had prepared it before stuffing, This has been my personal experience so I always add salt and spices more in the fillings, which later becomes perfect tasting stuffed parathas.

This was all about How to make perfect stuffed paratha’s Hope you guys like it and try this way sometime. Any more doubts please feel free to ask in comment section.

Cya till then Bubye :)

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