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Chicken Pineaaple And Pancakes With Whiped Cream And Raspberries

Chicken Pineaaple And Pancakes With Whiped Cream And Raspberries

Today on board I welcome melisa with her lovely recipes and articles to share with us today.
she sent me mail last month asking if I would be interested to publish her guest post in my blog and as always any guest post is welcome!! Its really a pleasure to do so :) 

About Melisa lets see a small intro about her, she is graduate from university of phoenix her major is marketing. But 2nd thing she was always interested in was writting and now she works as a writer. She writes articles for various blogs sharing her personal and professional experience. She also covers various topics including business, marketing, social media, self improvement, Lifestyle & Health!!
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She’s very interested in computer technologies, software, and marketing. Melissa is always ready answer your questions at

Wow its really a pleasure to have you here dear!!

Heading towards the Guest Post  Melisa has shared 2 amazing recipes of Chicken Pineapple With Pomegranate and Pancake With Whipped Cream and Raspberries.

 Have only delicious and useful meals
On the eve of the international Women's Day all women think what delicious and unusual dish to cook for their own holiday. So they begin to look through different cuisines in order to find something special. I'd like to share a very tasty recipe with you. It will surely gratify everybody with its original and refined taste. Men really adore it. Children always ask for one more additive. I am sure this recipe will suit all tastes.

Today we are going to cook chicken with pineapples under pomegranate.

1 chicken fillet, 
5-6nos potatoes, 
1 onion, 
canned pineapples, 
1 pomegranate, 
mayo, salt, black pepper powder (as needed)
Buy fresh pink fillet of the weight about 0,6 – 0,7 kilos. 

- First of all, you should cut it into small pieces. 
- Then take 2 tbsp homemade mayo, salt and pepper for your taste. - Mix all these ingredients and put the pieces of chicken fillet in this sauce.
- Marinate it for about 20 minutes. 
- Meanwhile, peel off the potatoes, wash them and cut into round neither thick nor too thin slices. 
- Peel off the onion and cut it into thin slices. Divide the pomegranate into corns. If the canned pineapples are already cut into pieces, you don’t need cut them in smaller pieces more.
- Find some clean big round oven-tray and grease it a bit with sunflower oil.  Heat the oven about 140° - 160°. 
- Put the ingredients by layers: slices of potatoes, slices of onion, pieces of marinated chicken fillet, cut pineapples. 
- Grease every layer with mayo and sprinkle with black pepper powder and salt for your taste. 
- Put this dish into heated oven and let it to be prepared about 30-40 minutes. 
- Once your dish is cooked, strew it with pomegranate’s corns.
Have a good appetite!

 And one more recipe specially for sweet-tooth. I found out this dish from some book long ago and now I cook it very often, because my family and friends like it very much. It is not only delicious, but light and useful as well, unlike other many desserts. So what about pancakes with whipped cream and raspberries?

To cook this divinely delicious dessert you need 
wheat flour, eggs, fresh milk, vanilla, olive oil, sugar, whipped cream and fresh raspberry.

First of all you should prepare the batter. Take eggs, flour, warmed milk and mix all these ingredients. Then add little sugar, vanilla and olive oil in the batter. The batter should be like sour cream for its consistency. After it heat the pan, greased little with oil, and fry thin pancakes.

For stuffing
Whip cream with mixer and add little sugar. Remember, whipped cream shouldn’t be very sweet. Wash fresh raspberries. Put inside each pancake 1 tbsp whipped cream and few raspberries and roll them. Decorate your dish with mint leaves.
Good appetite!

I am sure, your family and friends will like your cuisine very much. Don’t be afraid to experiment, switch on your fantasy. I wish all women to love and to be loved.

Thank you Melisa For Writing such a wonderful article For Sweets & Spices, Would love to get more such lovely guest posts from you  in future!!

Stay Tuned For more updates!!
Till then its me Aara
Signing of for now With lots of love to all my readers 
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  1. looks very tasty..those are new flavor combinations for me with chicken. thanks for sharing

  2. yumm lovely guest post pancakes one of my fav :P

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