Monday 31 August 2015

Oven Roasted Masala Cashew nuts / Kaju

Oven Roasted Masala Cashew nuts / Kaju

Next time you get Cashewnuts Dont forget to try making this simple muncher!! I can vouch that this going to be vanished in no time..... Elders and Children irrespective all age groups and gender will love this.  Be prepared to make this in large batch before giving anyone to taste you will be asked to serve more n more pakka ;) ;)

Hello Readers 
Hope each and everyone is doing good at their respective ends!! If you had been waiting for my posts then I'am really sorry to disappoint you for being missing for such a long time. Wedding preparations is what I am hooked to right now!! Ahhhhh.... its tiring, wedding shopping does'nt seem to be easy I feel I am finished lol!! Yes I am getting married next month and I dont know how many would be brides feel the same as I do right now!! This shopping is not mood lifting at all grrrrr. I literally cannot think of editing and blogging. But here I am for you guys with this quickie recipe which I tried yesterday.

Yesterday my nana came from Orrisa in the evening and it was the same time when I reached there with mom and aunt after a tiring shopping session. My nana asked me to take cashewnuts he got for our journey to be today to ajmeer. At 1st I said Na Na (nana) Noooooo......... Fatss!!! And he comanndingly said take it and roast it will be good for your journey. 

Dimag ki batti jali ( Tingggg.....) 
mom said ok roast it give half to nana and we shall take half. I instantly said mom why take home got oven here i'll do it here and me gone into the kitchen with all the energy dont know where it came from... lol

Dont worry it takes no energy to make this until you choose a open pan roasting method. I'am talking about energy because that's how dull and down I feel these days. After half an hr you see the results here. Yes I dint spare my aunts new dress to be used as prop for the photography ;)

A quick look at the ingredients and method.

Cashewnuts - 500gms (whole / split)
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder  as per needed
Chilli powder as per needed
Oil - 2 to 2 tbsp 

Take cashewnuts in deep bowl add oil, salt and spices accordingly, mix it nicely so that everything gets coated nicely.

Method - Grease a tray and arrange the cashewnuts. Bake it for 20- 30 mins in 180 degree in preheated oven.
- Take out twice and mix it. again put in for baking. Dont bake it for 20-30 mins at a stretch it may burn the cashews from 1 side.
- Remove add more chilli powder and salt after tasting. Add other seasonings if you desire. 
- Wait until the whole batch cools down before serving. 

- Add spices according to your family taste level.
- At the end part before serving do add little bit of more salt and chilli as cashewnuts will tend to give sweeter taste once it cools down. Adjust it accordingly
- Use chaat masala or aamchur powder in the end instead of salt and chilli for a different taste.
- Use pepper for a change if you want
- Store in a air tight jar only if u get any left overs ;) lol 

I may categorize this for diwali preparation in advance to make something healthy and gift it to your loved ones :)

Roasting without oven: If you dont have oven and wish to make the same, take a large pot or kadai in which you can make mixing movements freely!!
Roast the nuts in low to medium heat making sure you dont burn it. Your constant presence is very much needed as you keep mixing. This will ensure even heating and roasting!!

I dont have to speak about what happened once my appointed task was completed!! It was handed over to nana and then everything distributed :O lol that was a quick!!! and here my cousin took her share. When I asked her for a click this is what she did ;)

Try this quick recipe and enjoy your healthy snacks!! Any quire do comments below. I will reach you quickly at my possible best :) 

until next bubye.............

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  1. it looks super wonder it finished quickly

  2. yeah i know life has become too easy with ovens, really these are so tempting, how much ever u have it will be less :)

  3. hhahahahahaha love your cousin :D i watched her pic twice lol .. lovely roasted kajus

  4. Delicious home roasted kaju................must try.


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