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Shawarma Bread Rolls

Shawarma Bread Rolls

 These mini cuties so much tasted like shawarma filling hence named it as shawarma bread rolls.

Sometimes imagination takes us very far, and this was something which was running in my mind imaginatively for quiet sometime. Finally I tried and here was the result!! One of my best trial and a keeper for sure. This was made along with my previous post Sago Vermicelli Kheer - Energy booster Dessert / Drink . Take a look if you havent yet!! 

The way kheer was made in large quantity similar was the case with these rolls, my 1st attempt with a large batch to be sent was a risk factor but its always better to do something than to be void without even giving it a try. There are many bread roll recipes across web after lots of browsing I did not find anything similar to what was going inside my head. As I kept making I was confident about the shape and size, The only thing bothered me was the filling and how well does it get along with bread and gram flour coating.  I'll talk my trial and errors as I proceed with the post. Getting started with the recipe.

Preparation done here was a large batch. But I'll give measurement for 4- 8 members with generous servings possible :-

Ingredients for filling
Mixed veggies consisting of Cabbage, Onion, Carrot and Capsicum - 1 cup each (you may add or subract veggies as per your choice this is just a basic measurement for better understanding.

Boneless chicken - 100gms or more marinated with 2tsp ginger garlic paste and some salt for few hrs or over night (optional) can be done instantly too. Marinating gives better flavor and tenderness to the chunks.
Some mayo - 1/2 cup or more as you like
Garlic pods - 5-6 large chopped finely
Green chillies - 2-3 depending upon how much hot you like
Black pepper powder - For extra taste and spice
Some Salt and sugar for seasonings
Soy Sauce - 1 tsp

- Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan and saute the marinated chicken till all the sides golden brown. All the juices absorbed and chicken is well cooked (takes around 5-7 mins in medium heat)
- Once done cool down and shred the chicken using your hands. (if you frustrated over something here is a way to take off all :P just kidding :)
- There will be some remaining oil or just a little grease from chicken mixture. Heat the same pan and add in all the veggies along with the shredded chicken. Add soy sauce, salt and sugar Saute it for 2-3 mins in high flame just till the veggies start to get soft. do not allow them to become very soft. It should just be little soft yet crunchy. 
- Remove this in a deep bowl or another kadai to cool it under fan. Now add pepper powder, chillies, chopped garlic and mayo. Mix it all well and check for the taste which suits your taste buds best. (add / subtract seasonings as per your choice eg: less peper powder, omitting chillies and using only pepper powder more salt / sugar just go along with your taste) 
Add more mayo if you want a richer taste!! I like it rich in taste!! 
- Once this is prepared keep it aside for use.  Whole thing takes 10 - 12 mins hardly dont get worried with my long texts, Its a process done in a jiffy when all ingredients are ready to be throw into the pan.

Other ingredients needed
Sandwhich Bread Slices - 1 pack Sides Trimmed (normal small size will work good too but take care to the sizes. This has to be later dipped into gramflour batter for frying.

Soft butter to apply over bread!!

Gramflour batter / Bajji Batter
Gram flour / Besan - 2-3 cups mixed with 1/2 tsp of red chilli powder, 1/4th tsp of baking soda, Salt to taste. Add water to make a smooth nor thick nor thin paste. (see the bread pic below) with thick batter bread will become too heavy therefore making the bread coating difficult. If the batter is very runny it may possibly lead the bread rolls to not hold the filling inside properly so just make a batch you will know best consistency to be used!!

Optional : can add dried herbs / pepper powder for more flavoring. Instead of gramflour one can make batter from equal amout of maida and cornflour salt , seasonings + water. 

- Take each bread slices over rolling board and press it nicely to make it flat with rolling pin. 
- Once nicely pressed apply butter just to give a thin coat over filling
- Place the filling exactly as show in the pic below in the center and well shaped. Dont try to add more fillings than required.
- Apply gramflour batter to the other end for proper hold and sticking.
- Start rolling the bread from your side over the filling and reaching to the other end where the gramflour batter is applied 
- Give a firm press roll it and keep it aside.
- Prepare all the bread slices till the filling / the bread slices lasts!!

- Once you roll it as keep it aside you can cut them into half for better grip while frying. The rolls shown below were perfect size for me to work with!!

- Dip these prepared rolls into the gram flour batter and fry till all the sides nice a and golden brown in medium heat. (make sure you coat all the sides properly, if not done it might risk fillings to come out and float in oil)
- Serve hot with Ketchup / Green chutney / Pickled Veggies

I have explained my possible best in the ingredients and method part hence making the post look so very big, Please read it carefully before trying!! Once tried hands into this become master of the game!! People will keep asking for more and more

For Low calorie snack
Health conscious people may omit the gram flour part, dipping and frying!! Just place the rolled up bread in the greased tava and roast it till golden brown both the sides, Serve hot with ketchup.

This is when my lil cousin sis started shouting Bread Shawarma.............. Give me more give me more :) 

Vegetarians can use soya chunks or paneer instead of chicken.
moong daal sprouts is another great addition to this recipe for more nutritional fact.

For girll smoky effect in chicken pieces:
Chicken pieces can be marinated with curd, general spices, gg paste and salt add some red color, saute it till burnt effect is achieved. Use this along with veggies and fill into the breads. 

So the mystery was solved once we started our  iftar  I was late to join others. And mean while my youngest aunt called up saying " Those bread rolls I kept hearing from such long!! Finally you made and it was yumm everyone here loved it"  So I was sure other relatives would have liked it too!!

My parents loved it too!! My Dad Claimed it was 1st Class!! What more do I need for credit in my 1st trial and error session???
Sadly my bro cannot be on normal diet for a month more will make for him once he is out of his medicinal diet!!

I have given possible best explanation for this recipe. Do read it carefully and understand it before giving it a try. Reading will simplify your work to larger extent than worrying about a lengthy procedure you may possibly feel :)

Any more quire or suggestions do let me know

Until next Cyaa.......

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  1. Sounds really delicious.... Wanna try soon... Hats off to ur idea

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