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Banana Cake - Simplest Cake For Beginners

Banana Cake - Simplest Cake For Beginners

A big warning this cake is very addictive..... :D

Ever Since I Started Baking Banana Cakes Are My All Time Favorite. And Here Is My Most Amazing Post And The Best Recipe I Tried So Far........ Do Check Out :) 

One of little cousin sister age 6 likes cakes so much that she demands cakes instantly. I want cake now now now make cake for me!! And another cousin sis who will turn 5 now is picky eater. But the way both makes demands for every little thing makes me and my bro feel OMG look at them? I dont recall we did something like this when we were growing. Generation is Changing and me being in late 20's already feeling old in front of these kids. They R super smart and exactly know what they want. All of above when they talk it may make us shake our heads in disbelief if it was those little mouths and tiny sizes spoke out those. I'm sure many should be like me thinking the very way I do. But I guess its High time for me to accept that New Generation is Fast & we R Old..... lol  I seem to talk like my mom here haha

Getting back to the recipe, little kids are just an excuse for my baking and I love it. When brought lots of bananas from market I wondered why? Sometimes she is crazy I believe ;) When she offered me to have one I said give me 2 i'll bake it. So that was just an instant plan to make banana cake. 

I dint make any banana cakes past 2yrs I donno how I missed it but its never too late!! I tried browsing so many recipes but nothing satisfied me. So I decided to Tweak my chocolate Beetroot cake recipe into banana with some orange rinds. The result was just fab!!

Bananas - 2 large
Eggs -2 Or 3/4th cup Yogurt
All purpose flour - 1 1/4th cup
Oil - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 3/4th cup
Orange rinds - from 1 whole orange (see notes)
Soda Bicarbonate -1tsp

Ingredients Simple Right?

- Blend bananas, eggs, oil, sugar together with blender or mixer till fine paste.
- Sieve Flour and soda bicarb together and keep it ready.
- When you are ready to bake, Mix flour with wet ingredients. Whisk it slowly or use spatula, do not over mix.
- Also add orange rinds while mixing. 
- Line a round tin with baking paper. Bake until skewer inserted comes out clean.
- Once done let it rest for 15-20 mins, Flip it to cooling rack and allow it to cool nicely. 
- Once Cooled Cut into pieces and Serve with tea and snacks.

- Originally vanilla essence is added to this cake when ever I tried earlier, But this time I dint had vanilla essence so thought of substituting essence part with orange rinds, You can also make use of lemon rinds. 
- I baked this on stove top. It took 40 mins. Baking in oven would be 170C for 25-30 mins. Banana based caked gets done sooner than others
- If you dont have a butter paper to line the bottom of cake tin, Just grease the pan with oil / butter and dust the flour over it!  coat the flour around the greased area and remove the extra flour by tapping the tin upside down. (dont add to much of flour for dusting just add enough to coat the inner area)

I fell in love with the shade it got, It was unexpected!! Polished glossy shine sparking to my eyes :)

I was wondering why center looked so dry!! But I was sure that banana cakes would never fail. It was very spongy on the whole when I flipped it upside down :) 

After Cutting the cake was another surprise :) I guess I over baked it by 5 mins more. I forgot that banana cakes get baked quickly. 
I saw it has got 2 color layers on its own and I loved the shade to the core.

Dosent it look fab??? 

Cake tasted very nice as good as it looks in the pics 
It was soft porous and spongy. Idle for tea time snacks. To offer these goodies to little kids and make them happy.
Orange rinds gave it a kick in taste I loved it over all!! And every one in the family loved it too :)

Do try ur hands in this wonderful cake!! And let us know how it turned for u :)

As mentioned above its very addictive u really cant stop with one!!

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  1. Those r tempting pictures n perfectly baked cake.

  2. Gosh!!! The cake looks so heavenly. Soft and moist. Just can't take my eyes of the pictures.

  3. The cake looks amazing... so soft!

  4. Perfect and tempting cake....

  5. This cake looks amazing! I love baking with bananas :)


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