Thursday, 26 March 2015

Chocolate Coffee Cream Cake

Chocolate Coffee Cream Cake

This cake is sure to take one's tastes buds to next level. Chocolate and coffee is best match made for each other. When clubbed up gives the most fab taste you can ever have!!!

 I had never made or tasted this cake before, I was also skeptical about the taste. Whether my family would like it or not lots of doubts and confusion as I proceeded. The only thing which went running to my mind is my dad should like it :) Yes it was his birthday and we do not celebrate but the joy of family sitting together and enjoy such relish treat is a great moment on its own!!

Things U Need:
Chocolate Cake - Use any of your own recipe / Chocolate Beetroot Cake Or Eggless Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Syrup - Half Cup
Whipped Cream Sweetened
Coffee Powder 2-3 tbsp depending on your taste
Chocolate Chunks + shavings for Decoration
Chopped Nuts Optional

Cool Down The cake before slicing. I got 2 layers cake which was good enough for my try.
Whip cream with coffee together and check for taste according to your choice have this ready too
Place the 1st layer in the plate and drizle good amt of chocolate syrup to the 1st layer
Apply Coffee Whipped Cream spread it nicely, over the cream add in chopped nuts or chocolates
Place the next layer of cake over the cream and again repeat the above process.
Cover the cake with let over whipped cream and do the frosting part.
I just made some spooks and decorated with chocolate shavings :)

- Drizzling chocolate syrup in every layer makes it moist and more yummier while eating
- Add coffee according to your taste.
- Layering it with nuts and choco chips are also optional but some crunch in between the cakes are more exciting at times :)

For sure My Whole family loved this cake and lots of appreciation for my efforts :)

If u try this out do let us know how it turned!!

Any doubts or quire feel free to ask in comment section :)

Cya until Next!!!
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  1. Ahhhh!! simply splendid. I must agree about choc and coffee for this cake to lift up the flavors.

  2. wow! looks very nice.. just feel like taking a bite...

  3. I could dig into it right away...looks awesome

  4. Drooling!!!
    Love that rustic layer of cream...

  5. that is chocolaty to the core... yum...

  6. love the choc and coffee flavor in cakes...yumm


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