Sunday, 31 March 2013

Ginger - Elaichi Chai

Ginger - Elaichi Chai

Yes Its So Very Flavorful 
My Whole Family Loves The Taste Sweet & Spicy, Refreshing Yet Healthy :)

Either Feeling Sick With Cough/Cold/Headache???? Here U Go


1 1/2 cup Water

1 cup Milk

1 Ginger (1 inch, crushed or grated)

4 Cardamom (Green Elaichi)

2 teaspoon Tea

2 teaspoon Sugar

- In a saucepan add water, tea leaves, ginger and crushed elaichi

- Let it boil in medium flame till the juices of ginger extract has blended well.

- Add in milk and sugar acording to taste, more than what is mentioned above.

- low the flame and let it boil for 10-15 mins more, if required add more tea leaves according to color/ strong tea flavor you require.

- Strain the tea into cups and enjoy the refreshment sipping in :)


- keep a watch while simmering after adding milk. It might spill.

- Adding of extra tea leaves or sugar is purely optional depending on taste buds. ive seen many people like flavor of tea more strong than any thing else, since this is ginger- elaichi tea, i like to keep the flavors dominating

-  Adding sugar while boiling itself gives a good taste rather adding it separately. Calorie conscious people can go ahead with sugar free

- Some People do not like elaichi flavor such people can skip elaichi and let the ginger alone remain to dominate the taste

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  2. This chai looks divine...I have to try this one. I love ginger chai, and that too with elaichi.. mmmm...sounds wonderful. I usually drink the normal tea or with elaichi. The spiced version with adrak, especially this one, would be great! I'm a new blogger... Do visit my blog...

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    1. There u go :) we r here to help each other rite :) lets join hands and stay tuned :) thank you for ur acknowledgement

  4. Adraak elachiwali chai is what I make every day.. I just love them.. Nowadays plain tea doesn't suit my tastebuds.. This I love n u made it perfect! M glad to be at your space n to follow you!. Try visiting me in your free time!


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